Mixing and Mastering

Recording and Rehearsal Studio in Maidenhead, Berkshire


Mixing is the process of adding EQ, compression and FX along with balancing all the individual instruments in the track. 

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Mastering is the final step in the recording process. It’s there to unify the sound of a record, maintaning consitenecy across an album and preparing for distrubution. The goal of this is to correct any mix balance issues and enhance particular sonic characteristics. This can involve adjusting levels and general ‘sweetening’ of the mix, and can involve adding broad equalisation, and applying compression and limiting.

We can also offer full DDP files, which stands for Disc Description Protocol, and is important for when you are sending files of to a CD manufacture. DDP files allow you to set all of the parameters for the CD such as the exact gap between each song, the cross fades and full text information.

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